DSL Day At "The J" 2017 Late Fall Quickie's: Indoor WIFFLE Ball: Wednesday's  Wiffleball · Co-Ed SUPER SOCIAL!!

Late Fall Quickies
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Registration Dates:
2017-10-25 – 2018-01-12 regular
Siegel JCC
Minimum age:
21 years old
Age as of:
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MonTueWedThuFriSatSun 6:00pm to 9:00pm

5 Garunteed Games | Full Coed | Pitch to Hit League | Minimum of 1 Girls On The Field | No Umpire Fees! | Post Game No Shower Happy Hour Games Count!

Team Fees
Regular 45.0 per player + 1.5 Processing Fee
Payment Plans Available
Free Agent Fees
Regular 45.0 + 1.5 Processing Fee
Payment Plans Available

DSL Brings WIFFLE ball To North Wilmo at The J!

This is a coed recreational WIFFLE Ball league played with guys and gals on the court at the same time. There is a Post Game No Shower Happy Hour with games that count towards your final record after every game! Yep, participation at the Post Game No Shower Happy Hour matters! Everyone is going to be sweaty so who cares? Get on your best Glow Gear get to the games and then hustle your butts to the Post Game and have some fun in your life! 

What On Earth Is A Quickie??

Quickie Leagues are short 5 Week leagues. Lower Cost, Shorter Time Commitment 
4 Regular Season Games and 1 Week of Playoffs. 
6 Team Maximum for Single Court Venues |  8 Team Maximujm for 2 Court Venues. 
Keep In Mind because these are short seasons you may not play every team.
(But when you get to the Post Game you will have a chance to MEET every team!)

The JCC is a 2 Court Venue | 8 Team Maximum League!
First Come First Served. (Pun Intended)

Think Of Every Team As An Opportunity...Not An Opponent:

This is a SUPER SOCIAL league designed for maximum friend making. Each week you will play your games on the court and then afterwards head to the bar for the second half of your nightly experience where you will play games like Team Giant Jenga, Cornhole, Flip Cup, Team Pong, and more!

So keep that in mind as you register. This is not one of those come, play, and go home leagues. This is not a fast pitch strike them out league per se. You can throw curves and fun pitches but the idea is to have fun and if no one can hit the ball, that is no fun for anyone but the pitcher. This is for people no matter what their skill level who want to play some WIFFLE Ball and have some fun.

If you adjust your perspective every so slightly, put away the killer instinct, and look at each player on the other team as an oppoprtunity (to meet someone new) instead of an opponent you are trying to might just find a key that unlocks the doorway to your youth. When playing was for fun and spending time with friends. We believe among the most mature decisions you will make in your life is to embrace the playfulness of youth. 

So be a grown up. Play for the sake of playing. (Pssst...Even if you decide to play in a more experienced league we offer than this one) 

 Beverage Disclaimer: You are not at any time with any game required to fill cups with alcohol. Games like flip cup and Pong are played with water. Have a Coke and a smile for all we care as long as you do so responsibly. Easy on the Pepsi Fuller, DSL does not promote the excess consumption of alcohol at any time and you MUST BE 21 to drink. 

Points At The Game And Points At The Bar...THAT Is Who WE Are :)

The final standings will be calculated as follows: 

  • 2 Points For Each Win On The Court - You get three 25 point Rally Point Games Per Night
  • 1 Point For Showing Up At The Post Game Party
  • 1 Point For Each Game Won At The Post Game Party
    • You Play 3 Games Per Night Against the Team you Just Played On The Court. 

= 10 Points Up For Grabs Per Night!

DSL is a league designed for fun, to get your body moving, and to give you a chance to stay social every week.  All skill levels are welcome in this league! No athletic ability what so ever needed. This is a judgement free zone and we will remove anyone that forgets that and takes things too seriously. Please see our "Player Code of Conduct Policy" for the dirty details. 

We play 3 games per night and each of them count towards your record. So it is a cumulative score. 

GLOW Leagues are Super Social so in some sports (like this one) there are not any Officials on the game. When there are disputes, which of course can happen from time to time, you can either agree to a "do over" or you can play a very "High Stakes" game of Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide who gets the point. Its your call, have fun with it! 

No Refs?? Have You Gone Mad???

Nope. There is a method to the madness of self officiated games.  Leagues all around the country (and in Canadia) do it all the time. It is designed to increase the social aspect of the game and keep it light and fun. It forces you to communicate with the other team which turns your opponents into opportunities. Each person is now an opportunity to make a new friend every single week! Just talk to each other, be honest with what you see, and be willing to keep the game moving in the name of fun! 

That is not to say you will be on your own each week. There will be a paid DSL Crew Member at the games each week to make sure we are set up, get you started, keep you on time, answer questions, manage disputes, handle the music, take pictures and just generally protect the mission and vision of DSL at all times. They are the Fun Makers! 

If you want to be a Fun Maker too email us at: Put In The Subject Line: I Want to Be A Fun Maker! 

Outline Of League Details:


Siegel JCC  -Directions

Post Game No Shower Happy Hour: TBD

  • 8 Player Team Minimum 
  • 14 Player Team Maximum
  • 5 players on the Field at a time
  • 1 Girls on the Field at all times
  • 7 Inning Regular Season
  • 5 Innings In The Playoffs
  • 3 Games At The Post Game Party Each Night

League Includes:
  • League Management
  • Paid Nightly DSL Crew Member
  • Schedule & Standings 
  • 4 Regular Season Games Per Season
  • 1 Guaranteed Playoff Game Per Season - Everyone Makes The Playoffs! 
  • Team T-Shirt 
  • Seasonal Prizes & Giveaways 
  • DSL Discounts at local businesses and area attractions 


Please Note:
  • This is a SUPER SOCIAL self officiated league so REFS FEES DO NOT APPLY! 
  • You must be registered at least 5 days before the start of the season .
  • Teams must be available to play at any time during the times shown. When Captains are asked for a Game Time preference this is only a courtesy that we will keep in mind when creating the schedule. Because different teams have different preferences we cannot always guarantee your preference will be honored. However in order to give you the best experience possible we will certainly do our best to keep your preferences in mind.

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