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Spring 2013
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2013-02-01 – Fri Mar 08 23:59:59 EST 2013 early bird
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Early Bird 45.0 per player + 1.5 Processing Fee
Regular 50.0 per player + 1.5 Processing Fee
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Early Bird 45.0 + 1.5 Processing Fee
Regular 50.0 + 1.5 Processing Fee

Yep, you got it folks; Kickball is what you played in grade school!
It's a bunch of adults running around acting silly like kids.The basic game is played how you remember it, but feel free to check the rules on the Rules Page for specifics. In DSL, we play a very loosey goosey version because it's just for fun. No athletic ability what so ever needed. We have our own set of rules that we have come up with to fit what we need. We listened to what our members had to say and we created our version TOGETHER!
8 players on the field at a time in whatever formation you want. You must have at least 3 women on the field at all times. EVERYONE kicks regardless if they are in the field or not. You pitch to your own team to avoid any arguments over pitching. 7 Innings per game. You should have at least 12 people on your team.
To learn more about the rules check out the Kickball Rules Page on the menu to the right.

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