Forfeit Reconciliation - $10 per team

Forfeit Reconciliation - $10 per team



We are sorry you had to forfeit. It is our policy that if you do not notify us within 24 hours that your team is going to forfeit that you must pay the Officiating Fee for both teams plus a $5 service fee. 

This is to make your reconciliation of those fees easy and accessible to you at all times. Thank you for your attention to this and look forward to seeing you at the fields the rest of this season. 


The DSL Crew 

Frequently Asked Questions About The Forfeit Fee: 

Where does the Forfeit Fee go? 

DSL will give the Forfeit Fee to the scheduled Official. 

What about sports where the Officials Fee is included? 

The Forfeit Fee still goes to the scheduled Official.

What is the $5 “Service Fee” for? 

This is for payment processing and paying the staff for time spent managing the last minute accommodations. Last minute forfeits cause a host of issues that take our Crew away from the things we are already doing to make the DSL experience incredible, week in, and week out for all our members. Time spent managing the accommodations of a last minute forfeit is time away from creating greatness. 

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