Wilmington 2017 Late Fall Quickie Dodgeball: Wednesday  Dodgeball · Co-Ed SUPER SOCIAL!!

Late Fall Quickies
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Registration Dates:
2017-10-25 – 2017-11-16 regular
Highlands Elementary School
Minimum age:
21 years old
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MonTueWedThuFriSatSun 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Full Co-ed | 7v7 (2 females) | First to 7 Wins | Full Court | No Refs

Team Fees
Regular 35.0 per player + 1.5 Processing Fee
Payment Plans Available
Free Agent Fees
Regular 35.0 + 1.5 Processing Fee
Payment Plans Available

Dodgeball Returns! But Wait...Full Coed?? NO REFS???!  

Yup...Things Are A Changin'...

Delaware Sports League Dodgeball is an indoor game generally played in the Late Fall & Winter. If you have ever seen the movie or if you can remember back to 4th & 5th grade you have got the gist of it. It's adults running around a gym throwing bouncy foam balls at each other (no they do not hurt and will not mess up your pretty face).   

In this version we are playing FULL COURT. So it is not quite so close quarters. Matches are until one team reaches 7 wins or 45 minutes, whichever comes first. HOWEVER, the fun does not stop there. We are DSL. DSL means a Post Game No Shower Happy Hour after EVERY game. So we just decided to make it mandatory (sort of). ;)  

Leagues are now designed to for efficient schedules and make for a night that includes the Post Game. So no matter what you can head to the Post Game Party and get home in time to get to bed at a reasonable hour. We have work in the morning after all! 

No Refs?? Have You Gone Mad???

There is a method to the madness of self officiated games. It is designed to increase the social aspect of the game and keep it light and fun. It forces you to communicate with the other team which turns your opponents into opportunities. Each person is now an opportunity to make a new friend every single week! Just talk to each other, be honest with what you see, and be willing to keep the game moving in the name of fun! 

That is not to say you will be on your own each week. There will be a paid DSL Crew Member at the games each week to make sure we are set up, get you started, keep you on time, answer questions, manage disputes, handle the music, take pictures and just generally protect the mission and vision of DSL at all times. They are the Fun Makers! 

They will be watching the games and will help with calls if necessary. However it will not be like it used to be with Officials counting and blowing whistles at you etc. This is an honor system and you will save money if you can be adults. We will address cheating on a case by case basis and the Site Coordinator will be there to talk to teams if this becomes an issue. Teams that receive multiple complaints of cheating may be subject to suspension or removal from the league. If you suspect someone of cheating, talk to them first. Don't just call someone a cheater unless you know they know the rules. We will go over the rules at the start of each season (like the old days (Veteran Players...remember sitting Indian style and learning the rules? Its coming back.) From the vets to the Site Coordinator our job is to teach you and guide you to be successful in DSL and this change will make that a social thing. 

If you want to be a Fun Maker too email us at: support@delwaresportsleague.com. Put In The Subject Line: I Want to Be A Fun Maker! 

What On Earth Is A Quickie??

Quickie Leagues are short 5 Week leagues. Lower Cost. Shorter Time Commitment. 
4 Regular Season Games and 1 Week of Playoffs. 
6 Team Maximum for Single Court Venues |  8 Team Maximum for 2 Court Venues. 

Highland's Elementary is a 1 Court | 6 Team Maximum League! 
First Come First Served. There will be a Waitlist for teams that want to get in. 

Think Of Every Team As An Opportunity Instead of An Opponent...

This is a SUPER SOCIAL league designed for maximum friend making. Each week you will play your games on the court and then afterwards head to the bar for the second half of your nightly experience where you will play games like Team Giant Jenga, Cornhole, Flip Cup, Team Pong, and more!

So keep that in mind as you register. This is not one of those come, play, and go home leagues. This is not a Class AA, BB, or any combination of letter sanctioned league that exists out there. This is for people no matter what skill who want to play some volleyball and have some fun. We have other more competitive options with Officials on other nights. 

If you adjust your perspective every so slightly, put away the killer instinct, and look at each player on the other team as an oppoprtunity (to meet someone new) instead of an opponent you are trying to crush...you might just find a key that unlocks the doorway to your youth. When playing was for fun and spending time with friends. We believe among the most mature decisions you will make in your life is to embrace the playfulness of youth. 

So be a grown up. Play for the sake of playing. (Pssst...Even if you decide to play in a more experienced league we offer than this one) 

 Beverage Disclaimer: You are not at any time with any game required to fill cups with alcohol or drink alcohol at any DSL Post Game Happy Hours. Games like flip cup and Pong are played with water. Have a Coke and a smile for all we care as long as you do so responsibly and make a friend while doing it. 

The moral is, "Easy on the Pepsi Fuller"...DSL does not promote the excess consumption of alcohol at any time. 

Points At The Game...And Points After The Game...Getting Back to Being Social! 

After every Dodgeball match you will have another match against the team you just played, but this match is at the Post Game Party! That might be Cornhole, Giant Jenga, Bocce, Flip Cup, Pong, or whatever else we throw at you. Those games will be sets of 3 and will be on your schedule as an event so you know what you are doing week to week. 

Since we are eliminating our traditional cumulative scoring the standings will be scored as follows: 

  • 2 Points for a Win at Dodgeball (First to reach 7 total wins)
  • 1 Point for Showing Up At the Post Party (3 player minimum) 
  • 1 Point for Each Win at the Post Party

= 6 Points Up For Grabs Each Night

League Details:


Highlands Elementary School- Get Directions


  • 7v7 | Full co-ed | Full Court
  • Minimum 2 Females on the court to start each round
  • Each match consists of the first to 7 Games (Time Permitting: 45 Min Max)
  • Games continue at The Post Party and Count Towards The Standings (See Scoring Values Above) 

Full Co-ed Quickie Leagues Include:

  • Paid Site Coordinator to Welcome Players and Build The DSL 
  • Dedicated League Manager
  • Schedule & Standings 
  • Music At The Games
  • 4 Regular Season Games 
  • 1 Guaranteed Playoff Game - Everyone Makes The Playoffs! 
  • Team T-Shirt 
  • Post Game No Shower Happy Hour Games That Count!
  • Seasonal Prizes & Giveaways 
  • DSL Discounts at local businesses and area attractions 


Please Note:
  • The Paid Site Coordinator is included in the price! 
  • You can register online up to the start date of your season.
  • Those who register within 72 hours of the start date will be charged a $5 last minute fee. 
  • Teams that are short players 7 days before the start of the season will be subject to combination or mandatory Free Agent placement. 
  • Teams must be available to play at any time during the times shown. When Captains are asked for a Game Time preference this is only a courtesy that we will keep in mind when creating the schedule. Because different teams have different preferences we cannot always guarantee your preference will be honored. However in order to give you the best experience possible we will certainly do our best to keep your preferences in mind.

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